Learn. Collaborate. Create.

We are Summit Group Technology, a team with a passion for developing solutions, providing the best IT support anywhere, and creating jaw-dropping websites and digital illustrations. We truly believe in personal attention and simplified communication to elevate our collective experience.

Great business partnerships and lasting relationships are cultivated through collaboration, and we’re excited to start a dialogue, learn about your goals, and get to the top together.

You are Our Focus

The key to game changing technology solutions, and comprehensive problem solving, are innovative and dedicated Sherpas completely invested in understanding your business.

The earlier, and more often we engage with your team, the wider our understanding will be of your needs, and what success means to you.

The two most important words in our slogan, “Innovative Technology Driven by Quality, Inspired by Your Vision”, are “Your” and “Vision.”

You are what motivates us to innovate the highest quality solutions, every day.

At the heart of our business are Sherpas

Experienced, relentless, IT guides, who enjoy the journey of success with our clients, overcoming obstacles, and navigating all challenges along the way.

We believe that passionate Sherpas are the driving force behind successful breakthroughs, and our purpose is to redefine what’s possible through technology for your business.

We also reject the concept of “can’t,” and will always push to achieve optimal success for your business and partners. We will not give up on any technical problem or business challenge. In the end, every bit of progress matters to your bottom line. We keep going when others have given up, and we take pride in our ability to cross the finish line.